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laughing in the aisles for over the past two decades.

He freely admits that he doesn't know any jokes, except for
the ones that his dad told him "back in the day."

Sinbad tells stories, and boy does he tell stories!

The basis of his humor comes from everyone he's met,
everything he's seen and everything he's done.

Ranked by Comedy Central as one of the top 100 standup
comedians of all time, Sinbad has built a loyal following by
taking audience's painful trials or embarrassing tribulations of
day-to-day life, throwing them back in their faces, and causing
an uproar of comedic hysteria.

Back in Western New York for one night only, don't miss
your chance to see Sinbad at Kleinhans Music Hall!


Call (716) 885-5000
or Visit Doris Records